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Summer 2018 Online Courses

Are you a UC student?
Do you need classes but plan to travel in the summer?
Do you want to get ahead in your course work - anytime, anywhere?

UC offers more than 150 online courses across the UC system during summer terms.

  • All online courses provide UC unit credit toward graduation and may provide GE, pre-major and/or major credit.
  • If you enroll in a summer online course, note that you are subject to the policies and deadlines of the Summer Session campus offering the course.
  • UC students should register and enroll for summer courses on the summer website of the campus offering the course.
  • UC students should check with your department for credit approval for GE and/or major requirements to understand how the course credit from another UC campus will apply to your degree.

You can access the Summer 2018 list here: Summer 2018 (pdf)

You can access the Summer 2017 list here: Summer 2017 (pdf)

To enroll and learn more about the summer term programs across UC, please use the links below.