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Cross-Campus Basics FAQ’s

What is cross-campus enrollment?
Cross-campus enrollment allows UC students to take online courses offered by other UC campuses — and earn UC credit (unit, GE, pre-major and/or major) upon successful completion of the course.
Who are the instructors for cross-campus courses?
Cross-campus courses are taught by expert and passionate UC instructors and faculty, from across the UC system, who have adapted their courses to be taught online.
What courses does cross-campus enrollment offer?
You can find descriptions of current courses via Find Courses and Enroll.
How many weeks do classes last?
Course lengths vary from 5 to 16 weeks, depending on the course and the time of year it’s offered. Refer to the course description pages for specific course lengths.
Will I have to visit the host campus at any time?
No, one of the benefits of our cross-campus courses is that they allow students to receive world-class instruction without having to go to the host UC campus. However, some courses may require students to take exams at a nearby proctoring center. For more information on specific course requirements, please visit the course description page.
Where do I go to request accommodations for a cross-campus course?
Please contact your instructor directly to request accommodations, such as extra time for exams or assistance with screen reading software or assistive devices. Instructor contact information is located on the course description page.
When I take a course from another UC campus, do I use my campus learning system, or do I have to learn another system?
The course may be on a different learning system than your campus system.
How will I access my cross-campus course?
If your enrollment is approved, you will receive additional instructions via email on how to access your course. If the course is hosted on the host campus learning system, the campus will notify you with your campus credentials and how to activate them prior to the start of instruction. If you do not receive this information on how to log in to your course within 48 hours or before instruction starts, please contact your instructor.
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Do I need special software or hardware to take a cross-campus course?
Review software and hardware requirements in your course syllabus PDF on the course description page. Most desktop and laptop computers—as well as tablets—have the necessary software and hardware. If you have questions, contact Student Support or your instructor.